Children’s Advocacy Center of Franklin County and North Quabbin, Inc.

Executive Director

  • Jeffrey Trant, Ph.D., LICSW

Case Manager

  • Abby Bliss

CSEC Coordinator

  • Kelly Broadway

CONNECT Child and Family Outreach Clinician

  • Lynn Blanchard

CAC Clinician

. Beth Agostino- Evans

Problematic Sexual Behavior Clinician

. Gabriel Peoples LICSW

Consulting Clinician

. Jackie Humphreys LICSW

Board of Directors

  • Bill Benson, President
  • Lynda Zukowski, Vice-President
  • James Alexander, Treasurer
  • Stacy Boron, Clerk
  • Corinne Fitzgerald
  • Elizabeth Fisk
  • Scott Dredge
  • Sue Dillon
  • Donna Lloyd
  • Cassie Morey
  • Phelicia Howland
  • Gina

Honorary Members

  • John Merrigan
  • Dave E. Sullivan
  • John Robards