A message from Irene Woods:

It was just eight years ago that District Attorney Dave Sullivan had this idea that our children in Franklin County and the North Quabbin deserved to have the same services as the kids in the eastern part of the state. That began the search for a house, Board of Directors, and a Director for the CAC. I had just retired from 32 years at the Department of Children and Families, and the part time Director position seemed like a perfect fit, and it was.

In eight years, we have renovated a building, landscaped the grounds resulting in a kid friendly, safe environment. The Board of Directors is still led by Bill Benson who has devoted his heart and soul to the CAC. With Bill’s mentoring the CAC has three successful yearly events, Hope and Healing Breakfast, Chipping Away at Child Abuse Golf tournament and our Race Against Child Abuse. The CAC staff has grown from 1 to five and now we offer case management, Commercial Sexual exploitation services and mental health services. We served over 135 children in 2021 with the support of the District Attorney staff providing a forensic interviewer and coordinator of services. Thank you to our legislatures we have a Pediatric Nurse on staff part me to do medical exams of children. Our budget has grown from $25,000 to over $300,000 in 2022.

I am filled with pride in the work we have done, the accomplishments we have had and I am happy to announce we can finally hire a full time, Director. I expect to remain in my position until we have hired a person and they are settled in the position. Community members and businesses have supported the CAC since the start and we are so grateful for all of you and your investment in our children, the future of our communities. The next Director will be very lucky to have relationships with all of you. I will miss my connections with all of you but could not be happier for the CAC success and to see where the CAC goes in the future.

Thank you for caring about the kids…