Child Forensic Interviewer

A trained child forensic interviewer will interview your child in a private, age-appropriate room. The rest of the team observes and records the interview from an adjoining room through a one-way mirror. This allows all the team members to hear your child's disclosure and address any investigative and protective concerns at one time. The interview is conducted in a developmentally appropriate and legally sound manner.

Children can be put at ease by knowing what to expect. Before the interview, it is helpful to inform your child that someone wishes to talk to him about what happened. Encourage him to speak freely. Do not to question your child or tell him what to say. If he wants to talk to you, it is okay to listen. Remember to stay calm and just listen. It is important to let your child know that he is not in trouble and he needs to tell the truth.

You will not be allowed to be with your child or the team during the interview because your presence may be a distraction, may inhibit your child from disclosing, and you may be called as a witness if there is a prosecution.

At the conclusion of the interview, you will have an opportunity to meet with the team to discuss how the investigation will proceed.