Dye your own silk scarf!

The Kangaroo Dyer will teach you in a 2 hour workshop how to dye your own silk scarf. This will be a fun, colorful time. All supplies will be provided. You just need to send a $75 donation to the CAC to hold your spot.

January 28, 2017 10am until noon

Get down and colorful joining the fun dyeing a silk scarf; all to celebrate the work of the CAC.

Using Acid Dyes (the scary acid is white vinegar), a pair of gloves, brushes, string, clothespins, rubber bands, marbles plus all types of folding techniques, we will make a glorious silk masterpiece.

The Kangaroo Dyer will demonstrate how to prepare the silk, arrange your own workspace and apply the dye.  Once the silk is dyed, fabric paints and shiny glittery touches can be added if desired.  Experienced helpers will be available to hold your hand, if desired.


What have other participants done with their silk?

               Accessorized an outfit for a special occasion.

               Decorated a panel in their workspace.

               Worn the silk to keep warm at the transfer station.



Absolutely no experience necessary.